The Next Pick Up

As I left off with the story of my transformation into a super human working bee, or just a guy who likes to keep busy, I passed on a little life lesson about taking opportunity, and called upon my scarce readers to share their own stories. It was nice to receive some replies on this summons and hear some similar stories of those who have taken it upon themselves to make changes to their own lives as well. I have heard from fellow taxi drivers who work day shifts in other areas, and have even heard from fellow plumbers who Read More

Fair Fares

            So I’ll be you’re wondering how it came to be that I not only drive a taxi but also run Northwest Arkansas Plumbers. And if not, I’m going to tell you the story anyway, cause it’s my blog and I can do that kind of thing. The answer is a simple yet convoluted one, as I started my time focused on simply plumbing. As I went through my work through, I began to lament the amount of time that I had at the end of the evening. It’s not like I wasn’t tired, or working hard enough as it Read More

Hailing the Cab

            Driving a cab, you get to be exposed to all sorts of things that the general public never really sees of you. And though there are many (probably fake) blogs out there about people having sex in the back of cabs, or beautiful girls paying with particular favors, the usual stories are people picking their noses, learning about affairs, and overhearing conversations best saved for your doctor. Needless to say, it’s a job that always leaves you with at least one pretty incredible story at the end of the day. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Read More